Bollwood Superstar's litigation ?

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Bollwood Superstar's litigation ?

Post by Lex » 08 May 2015

Prashna Chart analysis, of Bollywood Superstar Bail Petition submitted to High Court on 6th May, 2015, hearing on the same to be on 8th May 2015.

Further to conviction done by Session Court on 6th May, 2015, Superstar's lawyers in the same evening at around petitioned in High Court for quashing of sentence term/ extended Bail term for Superstar. High Court said, it will re-assemble on Friday for hearings on Session Court's judgement, as full detailed order copy not been provided to accused in the after-noon

Selected Prashna no 84, to a query flashed on my mind yesterday, 7th May, will Prosection will able to succeed in their arguments before HC for Superstar's Jail term.

Since, I am being the tax payer for the country, Prosecution team/ judge are been paid by Government of India, therefore lagna will represent Prosection team. With the Prashna chart also Super-star's house can be studied, but I am looking success hit for Prosection Lawyers or Government representing lawyers.

My analysis was ready yesterday itself, but since any pre-empting of court cases is akin to disrespecting the Law and thereby violation of Law of the land. Since, HC judgement has come in favour for Superstar till further hearings, therefore below are the analysis of Prashna Chart, Chart attached here-with.

The Prashna number chosen by me was around 1539 hrs, not far-away from Super star's residence, about 3 kms to his residence.

At the time of casting manually prashna chart, yesterday was Thursday, Guru
In the celestial map, rising lagna was in Virgo n nk of Uttaraphalguni in sub of Budha
Rahu in lagna
Chandra was transiting in Dhanur in Moolam nk in sub of Shukra
Shukra aspects Chandra
Ruling planets were Ravi, Budha, Rahu,Guru, Ketu, Shukra
These planets help me during the prognosis

To be read as Graha, Bhava lord, nk, in sub of
Ravi- Guru- Bharani-Shani
(Shani)_Kuja- Anuradha- Shukra
(Ketu)- Shani- Uthiratathi- Rahu
(Rahu)- Ravi- Hastam- Guru
Chandra- Guru- Moolam- Shukra
Kuja- Shukra- Krittika- Guru
Shukra- Budha- Mrigasirsam- Ravi
Budha- Shukra- Rohini- Rahu
Guru- Chandra-Aslesha- Shukra

Let's see the Prashna lagna
Prashna lagna fell in Simha, Simha denotes Government
Let's see deposition lagna sputa bhava begins from where
In Magha nk and in sub of Ketu
Ketu is Uniform karaka, also Justice karaka
Ketu in 8th bhava, Ketu is also Moksha karaka
Ketu an agent of Guru and in Utiratathi
..denotes litigation, justice for related to departed subjects

Lagna sputa cusp signifies 6 7 8 12
Since, Prashna query related to litigation, 6 and 7 are involved, suggests it is Lawyers fighting for a case to seek win over Rival lawyers(defense lawyers)

..let's see the period for Prashna chart, Chandra deposited in Moola nk
Ketu signifies 6 and 7, so its a litigation issue

6th house / cusp will reveal the matter connected with litigation
6th house is Makara
..quadruped house..four feet sign... matter pertaining four legged or Four tyre vehicle
Let's the see cusp
In Uttarashada... Ravi in Mesha , a four legged sign, movable sign( Ravi in Bharani nk...Shows vehicle)
Makara... Slaughter house.. Killing field
Makara cusp deposited in sub of Rahu
Rahu in Nirayana Rasi in Virgo.. but goes to Simha bhava
Again four legged sign...
Rahu represents Budha and deposited in Hastam
Budha.. Karaka for wind, spped, movement etc
Chandra..Mind, movement, Vehicle etc

Makara bhava significators are Shanidev, Ketu
We have already discussed on Ketu, and Shani karaka for longeivity and in vakri is in 8th sign of normal zodiac
So, Chandra, lord of 12th in Moola nk, viz. 6th lord in 11th for Defense lawyer(Superstar's lawyer)

Now my query, will Prosector able to cancel bail petition
Let me see Third cusp in Virgo, another litigation sign in normal zodiac nk of Chitra in sub of Shani
Shani is vakri
Shani is deposited in Anuradha nakshatra
..Prosecutor team will not have a good time in today's High Court room with Judge, arguments will not be aligned

Let's see 11th cusp, in nk of Mrigasirsam in sub of Budha
Budha in 10th bhava and signifies 5th, 12th

Not only Vakri Shani dented the arguments, but Defense lawyers will put the brave and legitimate arguments before honourable Judge of HC

In Prashna Chart, Guru aspects 6th house, ..Makara house, which was under litigation, slaughtered... Guru aspects Ketu, Guru aspects Shani... in nirayana rasi

So, today, High Court Judge suspended the convict's sentence, over-rided Session Court order, till further hearing will be slated after Vacation of HC, after June 2015

Shani will become direct by August 1st week

Om Tat-Sat

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