KP Horary - A probabilistic model ?

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KP Horary - A probabilistic model ?

Post by astrovedic » 29 Jan 2016

Request learned members to please clarify these questions which have been rankling me since months, kindly pardon my ignorance or apparent skepticism on the subject.

1. In what way is the KP number (seed) relevant in horary astrology, doesn’t it become like a probabilistic chance kind of exercise? If a sample size of 10 people with the same question were to sit for a horary hearing ( eg: 10 family members all want to know about a family property/member etc), will the horary result be consistent for all of them if they sit for the hearing at the SAME TIME & PLACE , each providing their own seed to a panel of 10 astrologers ?

2. Does the result vary with the number of times the question is posted? Eg: A person due to intense distress goes to two different astrologers on different days with the same query or approaches the same astrologer on a different day with the same query.

My humble thanks.

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Re: KP Horary - A probabilistic model ?

Post by lovacrs » 30 Jan 2016

Astrovedic ji,

At the outset let me affirm that I am not prejudiced about your either faith or lack of it in Astrology.

Coming to your question itself, I will set you thinking on another, apparently, non-astro example.
The ten people from the same family go to a restaurant for dinner. They eat more or less the same
food. But only one of them falls sick with the Doc diagnosing the cause to the food consumed there.

Explanations for this could be:

1. Probablistic model
2. The fact that body chemistry of each person is unique
3. Although, on the face of it, the food consumed was more or less the same, the observing eyes failed to notice some subtle nuances (Server's shirt sleeve dipped into the portion served to the victim :( )
4. The diagnosis was wrong. The victim was incubating a virus for the last four days

Bottom line, I dont think the issue is amenable to resolution through discussions based purely on logic. In any case I personally consider answers based on statistical modelling as the difference between "I dont know what is happening" and "As in the past unpredictable events are occuring" :D

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Re: KP Horary - A probabilistic model ?

Post by Crystalpages » 31 Jan 2016

Dear Astrovedic jee,

In order to meaningfully answer your question (good as it is!) in realistic terms, one would have to actually conduct such a test, otherwise guesses and guestimates alone will flow forth. Perhaps the rather few individuals who utilize KP in their routine work and have experience might have something substantial to offer?

It is conceivable that people who get obsessed with their charts and keep asking the same or similar thing again and again and often in many places and from many astrologers can and do get confused, as opposed to receiving useful advice.

In horary approach, the sincerity and seriousness of intention of the querant assumes a crucial role. Then it becomes likethe famous acronym in computerese: GIGO.

Garbage in = garbage out.

Should you at some point decide to research and test your vexing question and get some results that move you forward, I and perhaps other members would be interested in knowing the outcome of your pursuit.

Wishing you good luck!

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