Kerala Temple Tragedy...Man made disaster?

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Kerala Temple Tragedy...Man made disaster?

Post by Lex » 10 Apr 2016

As per reports received at around 3.30 am, ongoing Temple celebrations for the new year to begin, at God's own country, Parvaur, bouts of Fire crackers stored in Temple Godown, caught fire and resulting massive explosions, parts of temple structure destroyed, may of lives lost and many severely burnt and admitted in Hospitals.

RIP those who lost lives

Lets see astrologically, through K.P.system, around 3.30 am means... day lord was Shani, and Shani in Jyestan nk in 8th of normal zodiac.

Now it is the month of April, the unpleasant activity took place before Sunrise, today Ravi in Meena
It takes apprx 2 hours to lagna to transit 30 degrees, and Ravi in Revati nk and transiting to sub of Guru
So lagna has to begin in Kumbha

Kumbha sign denotes place of worship, Hangar, Godown, storeplace, bank lockers etc

After arriving at corrected lagna longitudinal depositions, when the fire just started in Temple premises
lets see lagna depositions, in Kumbha in Dhanista nk, Kuja is the lord and in sub of Shukra, and Shukra in Utiratati nk
The sub in Shukra and Shukra( 9th lord) in Meena sign... denotes Devi

Now Kuja aspects Ketu in Kumbha.. denotes fire and explosion and smoke

at around that time, Chandra in Rishabham( Shukra), earthy sign and was deposited in Krittika nk and in sub of Rahu and in subsub of Chandra
Chandra at daylord of Shani got deposited in Ravi's star, Ravi is Maraka lord, ( at that time Constellation lord of lagna)
Both Shani and Kuja ( Shani is 12th lord) aspects 6th lord Chandra in nirayana rasi

12th to lagna denotes the issue... 12th cusp falls in Shani's sign and in sub of Shani
any connection with Budha denotes the issue..... Shani and Ravi.... Workers of the temple and Administrative owner of the temple failed in their duty

Budha is severely afflicted by the dispositor Lord.... it again shows the lackluster work done by the temple authorities in not adhering to Ethics and Safety laws.............................A MAN MADE DISASTER
Navratri is now ongoing, May Goddess Devi shower all HER blessings...............

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