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Saint Teresa...BTR...K.P.System

Post by Lex » 05 Sep 2016

Saint Teresa, how the Celestial map of Her Horoscope blessed her in the path of Spiritualism..

Today is Tuesday, Kuja, at the latitude I am in, lagna transiting in Vrischika, Kuja, with Kuja and Shani in lagna, so her lagna has to get influenced by Kuja, today Chandra in Thula in Swati nk, her Chandra has to get with Shukra and or Rahu.

... Let's see Saint's Horoscope by Birth Time Rectification ( Time is not known to me)

... cont'd

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Re: Saint Teresa...BTR...K.P.System

Post by Lex » 06 Sep 2016


She moved out of Now Macedonia to Ireland at the age of 11.
Therefore, her 12th cusp has to be connected to a Movable or Common sign.
Hence 12th cusp , cannot be in Rishabham or Simha or Vrischika or Kumbha.
Her 9th cusp sub has to get connected to Guru or Budha ( as today Budha ,Vakri, and Guru in rapt conjunction)
She born on 26th August, therefore in Nirayana Rasi, Ravi to be in Simha, today Ravi in Simha, conjunct with Rahu...hence in her Chart Ravi has to get connected with Rahu through aspect or sub or subsub depositions, and Ravi aspects Ketu...again same connection, today Ketu represents Kuja, Shani, Ravi and Rahu...Ketu has to get connected with these grahas one way or other

...let's fix her Janma nk
On 26, Aug, 1910, she born in Macedonia, Nk was Bharani. Today Chandra in Thula in Swati
Chandra got connected to Shukra, on that day Shukra was strong, and Shukra was in Karkata in Pushya nk.
Since today Rahu in Simha and in Shukra star, Rahu that day when She born in Rishabham in Krittika nk.
Rahu got connected to Shukra and Ravi, 180 degree away , that Ketu in Vrischika.

If by Traditional astrology, a person to be remain unmarried..
Ketu connection to Shukra
Shani aspecting 3rd house/12th house

That case..Shukra in Karkata and Ketu in Vrischika...Trine
Today Shani in Vrischika, Kuja aspects Rishabham sign.. Shani 's connection with either Kuja or Shukra has to be established in nirayana rasi.
When She born Shani in Mesha with Chandra
Shani aspects Thula, Shukra sign and own sign..Makara
Her lagna when she was born to be in Vrischika.. in the Heavens map in her birth chart.

...Mother Teresa lagna sputa cusp falls in Vrischika in Anuradha nk and in sub of Guru, and Guru in Hastam.

We will evaluate, is this chart a Live Chart?
Evaluation of marakstana and badakstana Significators..chart is not a Live Chart.

In Saint Teresa chart, Ketu in lagna, goes to 12th bhava... Thula has two cusps, alternative Thula is 11th and 12th cusps.. Shukra , similarly, Mesha 180 degs away becomes 5thand 6th cusp Lord.
Ravi doesn't enjoy cusp lordship in Mother Teresa chart, similarly Shani is only 3rd cusp Lord.

Lagna depositions..let's check time of birth is correct?
Shani in Bharani nk, and Guru in Hastam
Nirayana Rasi Shukra in 9th, and Guru is 4th Lord and Chandra 9th cusp Lord...time of birth is correct

She born in Shukra dasa in Budha Bhukti and Guru antara

She left home during her 11th year and settled away in Overseas for Spiritual purposes or for Dharma purposes

Dasa and Bhukti was during her age of 11
Dasa was Chandra , Bhukti..Rahu ( in her Chart Rahu represents Guru, Shukra, Ravi)
Chandra is Cusp Lord of 9, Ravi in 9thand Lagna Lord too( Chandra bhava), Shukra in Shani's star, Shani is 3rd cusp, Shukra is 12th Lord ( Rahu connected with all)
Her 12th cusp falls in Thula in Visakam and in sub of Ketu, and Ketu in 12th bhava, Ketu represents Guru and Kuja

She had history of Heart related ailments, and She was on Pacemaker

Heaven's map of birth chart , at the time of birth, will show, what is going to be issue
5th cusp sub Ravi, both Ketu and Ravi having bad aspects, though Ravi in own sign, Weak heart.. Ketu connection
Her 6th cusp falls in Mesha..fiery sign in Bharani and in Ketu
Ketu represents Heart sign and in Purvaphalguni nk
Ketu represents Virgo.. connection to disease sign and Guru connected to badaka Lord..again upper part of Heart
She was unmarried till her departure to Heaven...
7th cusp in Rohini nk and in sub of Guru, Guru in Hastam
Chandra closely in rapt conjunction with 6thcusp
... Marriage not all promised or negated in her path towards Spiritualism
Progeny negated too, 5th cusp sub Ravi In Magham nk

Let's see her Spiritual pursuit in her journey, how Heaven's had blessed her...
9th cusp falls in Karkata in Aslesha nk and in sub of Guru
Ohhh There Guru blessed her..
Guru in Hastam, also the 9th cusp Lord
Guru in 10th
Budha ( Uccha) in 10th
Her 9th constellation Lord in Uttaraphalguni
Ravi in 9th itself
She had received Nobel Prize during Shani dasa Ravi Bhukti and Guru antara
Shani in Shukra star..7th and 11thand 12th in 9th but goes to 8th
Ravi in 9th in Magham
Ketu in lagna represents Kuja, Kuja in 9th and Guru in 10th
...confirms her Nobel work

She left abode to Heaven
Sept 5 1997
Budha dasa, Kuja Bhukti, Ketu antara
Budha in Hastam
Kuja in Purvaphalguni
Ketu in 12th in Visakam
All are connected.

She was sent from Heaven and was a Saint. and a Great Mother to all religions... Shukra in Karkata and Chandra in Bharani.

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