India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

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India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:55 am

Our Soldiers been ambushed by the fidayeen hostile neighbour. Martyred soldiers casualties will not go unpunished reports from Media.
Army official, quoted in this adverse situation, we have right to defend our country with such provoking, Time and Place will be choosing of Ours in our act, to defend our India Sovereignty.
Astrological predictions,what would be... Military responses, or discussion, or Economic blockade to Hostile neighbour of our country or International Court moving?
Our Earth is existing since 4 billions of years ago, so therefore, Independence day or Muhurtha chart of indepence details of analysis carries to meaning.

Before getting into India's response or responses to the perpetrators carnage at Uri, J &K on 18th,Sep,2016, Sunday ( around 0530 hrs)
Lets see that event, astrologically... at Uri base, is it matching or tallying with reports, mercenaries or Terrorists with madness, camouflaged in Service uniforms lobbed ammos at our Army tent, which resulted martyred soldiers and others wounded
Mercenaries were many ( Pluralities) and so also our martyred soldiers. Astrology has to depict.

On Sunday, event occurred at around 0530 hrs, Uri Sunrise on 18th Sep,2016 was around 0620 hrs. Therefore , lagna of the event has to be in Simha.
Since, Ravi rising at 0620 hrs on that day, day lord ..Shani
If lagna has to be Simha ( Govt ).. Budha vakri and Shani automatically becomes one of significator of Marakstana
Ketu in Kumbha, Kuja also becomes the significator pf markastana, for Simha.. Kuja becomes badakstana lord
Six lords required to carry out the mission
Marakstana and badakstana lords or Marakstana badakstana significayors
Day lord
6th, 8th lord, 12th lord or significators
All these grahas will wait for Daring karaka to arrive...Kuja to carry out dashing act
Now need to see Chandra deposition... Chandra denotes time... has to be deposited in one f the above six grahas
On that day Chandra was in Revatink ... that means from Simha, 12th lord in 8th in a Maraka lord or one of the significator of marakastana

Uri's Heaven's map, at that time what it says
Lagna sputa cusp falls in Simha in Purvaphalguni nk and in sub of Chandra, and Chandra in Revati nk
Shukra in Virgo( 3rd and 10th lord) in Chitra nk( Kuja 4th and 9th lord in Dhanur, a fiery sign but goes to Vrichika bhava), 12th lord in Meena and deposited in Vakri Budha
Budha in Simha., conjoined with Rahu... both representing Govt, security, intelligence and also defines plurality ,, Govt security,Unit/ Contingent,,,,,,,, more than one personnel

Lets check... is it now a Live Chart?
Shukra in Virgo...
Chandra, sublord of lagna sputa cusp.. afflicts the ascendant as well as Rahu
Budha is Maraka significator...Very strong
Badakalord , Kuja, a significator of seventh aspects Chandra ( Kuja in Magham.. denotes arms and ammunition fiery sign), Kuja in Dhanur, but not in quadruped plate, therefore arms and ammos were not carried by Cars, or three wheelers or two wheelers etc, and Shukra in Kuja's star in sub of Shani
It is not a live chart, it is now a Dead chart, event is over, cannot be used further, only analysis till 0514 hrs

Mercenaries have come in group... 7th cusp falls in Kumbha in Satabhista nk and in sub of Shukra
News tallying, Rahu in lagna sputa cusp, infact in rapt conjunction, Shukra in Virgo( enemy sign)
Shukra in Kuja's star... Kuja in Dhanur
.....Correct , they had in group

As I said, earlier, Shukra is a significator of marakstana and badakstana, and placed in 8th from 7th cusp... defines they have murdered, this case Our Jawans inncocently been killed by barabaric acts

8th cusp of lagna sputa cusp falls in Meena ( with Chandra Pccupied), and deposited in Uttaraprostabadra nk and in sub of Kuja
Our Jawans who attained martyrdom... Kuja afflicted by Ravi... Death due to Fire
Kuja.... Violent end by barbaric act by insane minds
Kuja in Fiery sign... Death due to weapons
Kuja getting into Vrichika... some have drowned in Fire or may be gutted in Fire
Dasa running... Budha dasa Rahu Bhukti Shukra Antara ( Shukra deposited in Kuja;s star)

Bereaved family of our martyred soldiers, Condolences., May their Soul RIP

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:02 am

How my country going to respond to the Hostile Neighbor?
K.P. Prashna number 55 selected
Today Wednesday ,Budha, in the Celestial map, at the time of analyzing prashna chart, Udaya lagna transiting in
Kumbha, Shani, in Dhanista nk and in sub of Shukra, today Shani sign in Kumbha, Ketu lording. Ketu represents Budha, Shani and Rahu. Chandra transiting today Rishabha, Shukra and deposited in Krittikank. Today Ravi sign lorded by Rahu( representing Ravi, Shukra, Shani, Budha)
Divine ruling planets, will facilitate me in prognosis are Ketu Rahu Kuja, Shukra, Ravi, Budha, Shani ( today Budha is vakri)

Since Country been referred as, the appropriate lagna sputa cusp has to be analyzed.
India's Prashna sputa cusp falls in Virgo, in Hastam nk and in sub of Rahu, and Rahu in Purvaphalguni nk

Today Chandra deposited in Krittika nk and in sub of Shukra and in subsubof Shani
Lets tally with Prashna query, Chandra in 9th(11th cusp lord) and Shukra in lagna bhava in Chitra nk
3rd and 9th and 11th.... connected... communication or response ( 6th bhava.. significators are Kuja, Ketu, Shani)
Connected to Prashna query.
9th from Virgo or Our Country's lagna sputa.. represents.. CEO or PM.. falls in Rishabham in Krittika nk and in sub of Budha( vakri).. who in Purvaphalguni nk

3rd from Virgo, represents Hostile neigbour ( under study), falls in Vrichika in Jyesta nk and in sub of Ketu, Ketu in satabhista nk ( Rahu in 12th to our Country's lagna sputa cusp)

6th from PM of country falls in Movable sign, airy sign in Swati nk and in sub of Shukra, and Shukra in Chitra nk
Responses will be taken by PM ( I said responses... since depositions of sublord and Kuja connected)
Kuja in Vrichika( Hostile neighbour's lagna bhava, with Shani also placed)

6th from our Country's prashna lagna.. in Kumbha in Satabhista nk and in sub of Shani and Shani in Vakri Budha
The responses from India to the Hostile neighbor will be slow, but it is sure, but it will not be immediate

Hostile neigbour's lagna sputa cusp is afflicted by Vakri Budha ( lagna lord of our Country), 8th and 11th lord from 10th
Hostile neigbour's 3rd and 4th cusp lord in lagna( in rapt conjunction with Vrichika cusp but in Thula bhava) afflicted by Chandra... Badhakstana, 11th lord of our Country or PM's 3rd cusp lord,
Hostile neigbhour's Ketu also afflicts Shani
Hostile neigbour's Budha also afflicts Shani
Hostile neigbhbour;s Rahu also afflicts Shani
Hostile neigbour's Kuja also afflicted by Ravi

At this period.. internally in Hostile neighbor facing issues internally on Law matters inside their country, Budha getting involved communication or freedom of expression inside the country...Media or Social networks gagged, Govt thereitself divided over the state acting terrorism or Proxy war on neighbor, Kuja in Ketu's star ( showing uniform military), Kuja and Ravi or at logger heads....ISI and Govt

6th from our Country cusp , 2nd from our country cusp( 12th to Hostile neighbor) and 10th from our country cusp (8th from Hostile neighbor lagna).. will show what is stored in the responses from our country
Kuja, Shani, Ketu, Rahu, Shukra, Budha ( all above ruling planets)

1. Vrichika cusp in the Prashna chart becomes Hostile neigbour place... India would continue highlight 8th matter of normal zodiac... thereby Communicating to the world... to be treated this Hostile neigbour as International Pariah
2. India will voice out, by doing or referring as Terrorist state or state Terrorism or Proxy war on peaceful neighbor (Gemini cusp becomes 8th cusp sub... Kuja, and Kuja in Vrichika).... A Terrorist state in the world.
3.A stinging and calculated strategic surgical covert attacks ( as retaliation to killings of our citizen) through Aerial route( supported by Navy from Sea level as a Guard for any intrusions during retaliation/ with ballistic missile at SOS mode)... Prashna chart Dasa is Ravi, during Chandra dasa Chandra Bhukti..... Jan /Feb 2017.... Surgical responses through military ( Air/Sea route) on Hostile neighbor .
4.Any monetary assistance ( from International Monetary Financial institution) for purchases of arms/ ammos etc will be put on hold with due-diligence ( Shukra 12th cusp lord, also 6th bhava significator from Vrichika)

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:25 pm

Further to Prashna analysis,

1. PM of India, sat with three chiefs of Services in the war-room, PM been demonstrated with Sand ploys and Ppt presentation.

2. At U.N., Unga summit, post chief( IVY league of terrorism country) speech on a slained terror leader in K-valley, young female Diplomat of India at the summit, punctured all the claims of coach of IVY league of terrorism. World watched, her speech with great zeal.

3. At night, in Hostile country's capital city, fighter planes hovered around as sorties, to show their citizen they are guarding, but India will choose the time and place on the aggressive strikes, as IVY league has escalated the ladder of patience for our country.

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:46 am

PM chaired meeting on Indus water treaty to have further review on water management to the Hostile neighbor. Political party or parties from our country felt, blood and water cannot flow at same time together, when the situation trend is hostile to India from neighbor
Post PM attending and chairing the Water war or water distribution or supply management to the Hostile neighbor, my mind razed ,what would be the situation on the same, through K.P.Prashna analysis
Randomly selected K.P.Prashna number from management reference book. Prashna number of K.P. was 116. Today is Monday, Chandra ( the lord for water resources, and analyzing through Shani)
At the latitude, the celestial map shown the rising lagna was in Kumbha, Shani and deposited in Stabhista nk and in sub of Shani, and Ketu today in Udaya lagna. today Chandra transiting own sign and in Aslesha nk
Divine planets will help me in Prognosis are Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Chandra, Budha
K.P.Prashna 116, the appropriate lagna for my country to be studied

THe prashna lagna sputa of peace loving Country for the query, will the country Part Indus water resources to Hostile country?, fell in Dhanur in Purvashada nk and in sub of Shukra, and Shukra in Swati nk, and PM of country fell in Simha in Purvaphalguni nk and in sub of Chandra, and Chandra today in Aslesha.

The hostile neighbor receives stream of water of water originating from our Country, that implies 2nd cusp of our country should signify Hostile neighbour's lagna

Our Country's 2nd cusp(8th cusp of hostile neighbor) is in Makaram, which our sages considered as Watery sign and movable sign and deposited in Shravanna nk ( watery nk Lord) and fine tuned by Shani, who in 12th to our country ( again watery sign) and in Jyesta nk
...Tallied.... Hostile neighbor receives water flowing from our country

Post Uri carnage and further to UNGA summit, our Diplomat their Sensitized world about Ivy league of terrorism origination, will India put an embargo on Indus water treaty , if yes, than from when?
Vrichika cusp or 12th to our country's prashna lagna sputa cusp in Anuradha nk and in sub of Guru, and Guru in Uttaraphalguni nk, today Guru and Ravi in rapt conjunction , in Ravi's sign, Rahu representing Ravi, Shukra, Budha, Shani

Today Chandra afflicts, hostile neighbour's 7th cusp, 8th cusp and 11th cusp
Water management from Peace-loving country to the hostile country wil be moderated from October/November 2016

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:40 pm

...Further, India pulled out from SAARC meet to be staged in few months from now in the hostile country.
Along with India, other neighbouring countries also boycotted SAARC meet in Pakistan
Hostile Country turning now ,as SAARC PARIAH, and later will be labelled as International Pariah?

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:17 am

Further to my predictions, above, today wee hours in morning between 0030 hrs and 0430, Indian bravo soldiers built up engagement with terrorists deep inside Line of Control, about apprx more than 2 kms and neutralised terrorist launch pad, inflicting heavy casualties thereby...A surgical strike. Though I predicted, India will do surgical attack around Jan Feb 2017, nevertheless India did surgical attacks on Hostile country's IVY club of Terrorism.

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by ChandraLagna » Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:35 am

Lex - congrats.

How do you see this progressing? further escalation?
--भज गोविन्दं... भज गोविन्दं...गोविन्दं भज, मूढमते --

With Regards,

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by djoe » Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:09 am

Wow! Good Prediction. Very Cool! What do you see happening next?

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Aravind » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:15 am

I think with a strong Prime Minister it was always expected that India will strike back.
The tough part will be to predict an approximate timing of the event.

When can we expect the next attack from India ?


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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by subho123 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 5:28 am

Its simple INDIA wont do anything further, untill pakistan do something foolish.

I hope jan- feb 2017 pakistan will get a more stronger response from INDIA.

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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by meera » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:18 am

Hello Sir

How r u ? after a year almost?. had sent you mail on gmail but shayyad that mail id u dont access.

please mail me



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Re: India's rsponses to Hostile Neighbor...Astrology?

Post by Lex » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:07 pm


Thanks. You are aware , analysis of warfare or tactics from strategies A, B, C etc of India, I had analyzed through Prashna chart, query was related more towards , will there be Confrontations from India on the epicentre of terrorism place.

I haven't yet casted any Prashna for any retaliations, though I did say, India would employ ballistic missile from Sea route on the target, that too to defend souvenir of our Great country. That Prashna casted, no use now as it is a dead chart for me or for anyone else.

On a personal note, India escalated not even lower rung of ladder, whereas Hostile neighbour has gone beyond highest rung of ladder, India's patience been tested. Now NaMo cannot tolerate, giving back one medicine.

I do hope, Javed Miandad ( ex-Cricket) family guy, do not get into act which was done years back in India, at prominent cities.

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