Incorporating the Dwadasamsha into the Nadi Prashna Method

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Incorporating the Dwadasamsha into the Nadi Prashna Method

Post by Khoo Hock Leong » 05 Apr 2017

Hi Learned Members

I have already written in past posts on the Nadi Prashna method. Basically each hour there is a Hora Lord and that is the significator of the querent or the person in the query dpending on whose the question is directed at. Use the Bhava Chalit chart for planet placements ie. for the Prashna Chart. Use Nadi Aspects. Planetary aspects of Parasara can be used the closer the Bhava Chalit Chart comes close to the Rasi Chart.

To incoproate the dwadarsamsha table expounded by Barbara Pijan do this :

Using the Rasi Chart determine each planet's placement in the dwadarsamsha portion of each bhava (remember this division is based on the sidereal sign overlaying each bhava, hence it assumes usage of the Rasi Chart and not the Bhava Chalit chart; also the dwardasamsha portion is what you have inherited from your parents MOSTLY besides those that is part of the package deal just before you are born, hence it pertains more to the soul, even more so than the Rasi Chart, hence we should anchor our reference via the Rasi Chart as a proxy to this dwadarshamsa concept rather than the bhava chalit chart.

Once you have determine each planet's dwardasamsha portion, then switch back to the Bhava Chalit chart to see which bhava the planet is placed in. Thus you may have Saturn placed in the dwardasamsha 2nd portion of the 7th bhava like Cohabitation and Capability to Achieve and yet this Saturn is placed in the 6th bhava based on the bhava chalit chart (the reason why we use bhava chalit for Prashna was explained by me in earlier posts).

Thus the interpretation in this case would be the person has the Capability to Achieve in his Working Place, and he has the opportunity to spend more time with his colleagues, through more options than previously like maybe because of overtime etc.

Best Regards

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