14 yrs of no-income period.

Questions about money and income.
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14 yrs of no-income period.

Post by alganesh » 30 Oct 2014

My name is Ganesh Kumar and DOB is 1st May 1979 (02.03hrs IST) at Chennai. The problem is that, for the past fourteen years, I am struggling with my finance, career and life. I don't really know what went wrong after the year 2000. I lost my job and tried my luck in various businesses. Nothing worked out so far.

1) I tried asking this question to various astrologers I met. And, most people say, after 14 years of struggle, things will be back to normal. Is there any significance attached to the number 14?

2) Is there any Kaal Sarpa / Kalamrit dosha in my horoscope? I can see all the planets caught in between Ketu and Rahu. But, somebody wrote earlier that this dosha occurs only when they are alone. Here Rahu is with Sani. So that means no dosha?

3) Saturn is with Rahu in the 7th house. Does this indicate Shrapit Dosha?

4) Do I have Neechabhanga Raja yoga?

From what I understood, after numerous discussions with various astrologers, that my Guru(jupiter) is very weak. And Sani is not favorable. Is this true?

I wish to share a few things :

1) Feeding stray dogs make my life hell. Absolutely no peace of mind at home for the full day. Or even the next day.

2) Throwing turmeric in running water *slightly* improves my business. Donating bengal gram on Thursdays have no significant improvement.

3) Taking important decisions on Tuesdays always go wrong.

4) Had snake, falling from height, ghost dreams often in the past. But not very frequent now.

5) Visited Lord Balaji temple and chanted Vishnu Sahasranamam daily. And stopped it for years. If I go there now, something really goes wrong at home. Why? No puja or pariharam I have forgotten to do. I tried to recollect everything. But nothing is missed. This is a strange occurrence after 2000. This does not happen with any other temple I go.

6)Done Kalasarpa nivarana puja in Kalahasti. Pitru tarpanam in Gaya.

7) Feeding crows with rice mixed with sesame, giving them water etc., have absolutely no effect. Neither positive nor negative.Watering tulasi plant at home daily for years.

8 ) Most of my jewels either got lost(nobody stole anything), misplaced, mortgaged or sold.

9)Not married till now. And as I said, after 2000, life became very dull. Not much interest in career after numerous failures.

Full name: Ganesh Kumar
Star: Thiruvadhirai (Padam I)
Rasi: Mithunam
Lagnam: Kumbham
Date of birth: 1st May 1979
Time of birth: 2.30 AM
Place of birth: Chennai

Can somebody tell me what went wrong after 2000? Is that planet specific ? Can that be rectified?

I would be grateful if somebody can help me.

Ganesh Kumar

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Re: 14 yrs of no-income period.

Post by Bhimaparakrama » 04 Nov 2014

Very interesting chart you have. I am actually surprised you are having problems at first sight. However let us dig deeper. First off, take a look at the Trimshamsha Lagna. It is the same as your D1 lagna, and ruled by Saturn and moon is posited there in the Trimshamsha. Moon is your 6th lord in D1, and is in nakshatra of rahu. Rahu is conjunct saturn and both aspect lagna in D1. We see there is a very fine connection of Vakri Saturn, rahu, 6th lord moon and lagna to the Trimshamsha Lagna. This will cause considerable anxiety and bring troubles to face value. Let us next take a look at Shani. Shani is lagna lord and 12th lord, in 7th house of enemy sun, with rahu and aspects lagna. Moreover Lagna is in nakshatra of rahu too. As we see Rahu has a lot of influence in the Chart. It is nakshatra lord of both moon and Lagna, conjunct shani, aspects Lagna, co-lord of lagna in both D1 and Trimshamsha. Next we notice that both shani and rahu are in nakshatra of venus. Venus on the other hand is in nakshatra of shani, i.e. there is a nakshatra parivartana. Let us hence look at venus next. Venus is yogakaraka for Kumbha Lagna. It is exalted in your 2nd house. What could the problem be? Let us look at shashtiamsha. It is conjuct ketu and aspected by mars and rahu, a severe affliction. Look at Moola Dasha: From 1992-2004 rahu, 2004-2006 Ketu, 2006-2018 Venus, 2018-2024 Mars. All Moola Dasha lords are participating in the curse of Venus. Interesting to note that the shashtiamsha deity of your venus is Kamalaakara, or Lotus lake. Indeed the Lotus has the property, that it doesn't get wet, the water dribbles off it. So maybe until the Moola dasha periods of the curse on Venus are over, whatever you do will dribble off and the experience has to happen.

If we look at Vimshottari Dasha, you started shani MD in 2009. From 2016 you will be running Venus AD. There is a very subtle connection between Shani and Venus as I mentioned. Morever Venus is exalted and gives a high level of Neecha-Bhanga to Mercury. The 5th lord, 8th lord and dispositor of moon. All this in the second house. Hence in this period there may be some good sudden income.
What I can recommend is to do some remedy for Venus, Indeed your chanting of Mantras was a very good idea. I believe that is causing your setbacks. Persevere. You have a good chart, you just have to make it through these troubled times, and good things will come. Also don't forget that Shani is vakri, so results will be delayed. I also suggest you start practicing Pranayama Techniques, this will calm your mind a lot.

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Re: 14 yrs of no-income period.

Post by chokra » 04 Nov 2014

So basically you are in jupiter dasha. Jup is exalted in 6th house. You are good at defeating your enemies and diseases...also could make you a good lawyer. Kertu in 1st ...you are spiritual...and towards the end of your life you will go big time in to spiritualism. You tend to be lazy and slow towards your undertakings. You probably had a job and they let you go because you were too slow. And then sun in Aries. Probably overly aggressive in confrontations. Mars in 2nd ...temper and rough speech. So your 2nd mars and 3rd sun are causing issues for you in a diplomatic world. Rahu and shani in 7th...yes sharpit dosh. Now 7th is also for day to day jobs so sharpit dosh causes issues....but guess what sa causes a raj yog for you. Lord of trikon in Kendra. Sharpit dosh makes you miserable spiritually but happy in deceiving people. Your jobs....I wouldn't recommend you jobs....business...YES. Exalted jup in 6th, you can out manouver your competition...ra and sa in 7th...cheat...lie...steal...in your partnerships...you'll have no issues moving ahead in life.....and when all is done you will realize the worth of truth..integrity...honesty...and you will settle in spiritualism. Such is life. We all must walk along side with our demons for a while to realize the value of GOD.
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