Any indication of wealth through inheritance

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Re: Any indication of wealth through inheritance

Post by Sujit » 07 Dec 2015

manishagustr wrote:Dear Learned Astrolgers,
I have a known a lady who has very strained relationship with the father. Her childhood was also very troublesome due to her father. Is there any paternal inheritance possible for her. Her details are below:
Name : Anuradha
Date of birth : 22nd Aug 1957
Time : 16:30 IST
Place : Vijayawada

Thanks & Regards,
The chart lord Saturn is strong in 11th indicating gains and current sub period lord Sun in own indicates easy gains through inheritance is promised. Current major lord Venus is afflicted by Jupiter can bring more expenses and losses. Keep good relations with father. There are chances for positive development during 2016.

Good luck
Best wishes

1. Astrology never lied to me. If you have the right knowledge, EXACT predictions can be made. Astrology is an incredible tool for guidance and one should take note of energies of changing dasa lords.


Re: Any indication of wealth through inheritance

Post by tanmish » 08 Dec 2015

Hi Manisha -

This is just my observation, so please take the comments at face value:

It is nearly impossible that the lady has 16.00 pm TOB, with the same DOB and place. The D-1 shows all sorts of yogas - Gaja Kesari, Amala, Parvata, Vasumati and what not. Parvata yoga repeats in D-10, Amala yoga repeats in D-9, which also has Malavaya and Hamsa yogas.... As many as 4 Maha Yogadas in D-1 and D-10. This is because all major benefics (JU, ME, VE and MO) fall in Kendra houses.

Is your friend very fortunate, well-known, accomplished with lots of money, even without the inheritance? You may not have all the answers but do confirm if possible. Many times JHORA spits out junk that is not true or valid.


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Re: Any indication of wealth through inheritance

Post by Crystalpages » 09 Dec 2015

With a baby getting born more or less every second or other second somewhere in the world (WHO data-estimates, taking the burgeoning global population and birth rates), it is conceivable (pardon the unintended pun!), there must be hundreds of thousands being born globally with dreaded arishtas as well as bhagyashali yogas, particularly involving slower planets?

Planets move very predictably, perhaps always did, population expansion is a more recent phenomenon?

Statistical verity, fellow astrologers?

Only a small sliver of humanity (even in India) ever gets examined even by the most avid and dedicated astrologer alive, in sofar as documented samplings of the burgeoning global populations go?

One born in impoverished regions of the world vs in the most affluent zones might have the very same good or bad yogas, etc. It is very possible? Not far-fetched an estimate...?

Is that why the ancients created the "rider", the 'proviso' of the Desh Kaal Paristhitee?

Just musing...! My apologies if someone finds my words distasteful! :-(
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