Unable to earn money in Stock Market is astrology unreliable

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Unable to earn money in Stock Market is astrology unreliable

Post by Minaj » Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:28 am


I read a lot about this forum and want to know is astrology unreliable or is there any thing more.Please let me know despite my highest efforts ,knowledge and all astrologers predictions am still not able to make any money.

Entered stock market April 2011

DOB: 28th December 1972
TOB :23.30pm
POB :Adilabad,Andhra pradesh.
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Re: Unable to earn money in Stock Market is astrology unreli

Post by vedicmaths » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:23 am

Hi minaj

Pl do not use any astrology for trading. Nifty or world index are not in any way connected to your chart
or any one's chart in this universe.

There are thousands of reasons for markets movement. If Greece, falters markets world over fall.
If BJP looses state elections, nifty will fall down. If non-performing assets (NPA) of the banks increase,
markets fall down. In essence, one needs to understand that foreign investors who employ cunning financial
advisers take the market up and down to their convenience to take away money from the market.

If any astrologer tells you to go for trading based on your chart, you will be doomed. Clever understanding
of the situation coupled with a time to time profit taking methods alone can fetch you money. Do mock
trading side by side to test your judgments. If you are greedy, you will be swallowed by the market in no time.



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Re: Unable to earn money in Stock Market is astrology unreli

Post by Lex » Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:10 pm

Minaj wrote:sorry my sons DOB is 11th August 2011
Stock market, earnings, either through day trading or for long term investment, one will earn, if not more
Say long term investment.. one's sixth house involved.. paying cheque, 12th house house involved..investment, 11th house... profit , 2nd house... profit transferred to legitimate bank account and of course 5th house... involved
5th house... starting point in entering stock market, when 9th and 10th house and lagna house significators operates in Dasha, Bhukti, antara or any weekdays... guys wont enter stock market or rather exit from stock market

As I said 5th house in a native chart creates magnetic force or affinity or speculation either enter Speculation games or karmas( by understanding subject through classroom training or Post graduation etc) like Forex bids, equity based trading, commodity trading, Casino, horseracing, IPL games like bettings etc
If one wants to earn really... 5th house is Key
Fortuna or Point of fortune, this is fast moving in a natal chart in split of seconds it can transit very swift, faster than Lagna, leave alone Chandra
Say in Day trading, one should know his or her Fortuna of natal chart is transiting where on that day on that second, if sell or buy button in Android apps linked to Mx site or NSE etc, on that day at that time, day lord where placed, dasa lord where placed, where Chandra placed has to be studied and hit the button in Android app, even a millisecond is late in hitting the button... sure loss in day trading

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