dharma devata as opposed to ishta devata - karakamsa study?

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dharma devata as opposed to ishta devata - karakamsa study?

Post by souladventurer » 29 Nov 2015

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was wondering i have rahu 9th from my karakamsa in the navamsa. can you enlighten me about my ishta devata and dharma devata. i was wondering knowledgeable astrologers understanding on this subject matter.

interesting when i listen to hanuman mantra i have great feeling and strength and courage from it. i also feel more focused and concentrative and less perturbed. however narasimha is suppose to be the ultimate as vishnu dieties are considered more powerful istha devatas. does anyone experience the difference. i listen to narasimha but i don't feel the sense of power i feel with the hanuman mantras. has anyone seen the difference from the two lists of ishta devatas for the planets one based more shiva and the other vishnu.

also dharmadevata if rahu is in 9th from karakamsa is durga but also believe the lord of the 9th can be propitiated as well which is sun in this case. any understanding of that as well?

also interesting note it is said that navamsa relates how one talks to god or how god talks to him. isn't that fascinating no one has ever mentioned that..they only mention that the moon chart is the seed, the lagna chart the flower, and the navamsa the fruit. it is fascinating perspective that the navamsa tells you how you are speaking with god or how god is speaking with you. please comment as well...

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Re: dharma devata as opposed to ishta devata - karakamsa stu

Post by astrovedic » 20 Dec 2015

Propitiation of the Dharma devata is important as it is believed that this deity is the protecting force from impending evils.

As for Narasimha, he is the Vaishnavite option to Durga and Skanda of Mars. While he can be worshiped as well, Durga is more important as she represents the Maya that Rahu is synonymous with.(Sarva Shakti Mahamaya Divya Jnana Svaroopini Nava durge Jaganmatah Paranamaami Muhrumuhuh) - I incessantly bow to the Nava durgas, the embodiment of Shakti & Maya). Furthermore,Rahu rules Ashtami again synonymous with Durga.

The 2 sets of Devatas are merely a sectarian divide.The vaishnava list is based on the Dasavataram's. Most traditional astrologers however continue to use the list which is Shaiva in origin,but includes Vishnu as well.

9th house planet is seen if the 9th house is empty, which is not so in your case. Worship Durga/Kali on Tuesdays and on the Ashtami dates.

The ishta devata concept many a times is not discernible in reality. Any devata who gives solace to one, becomes an Ishta devata.

God bless.

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Re: dharma devata as opposed to ishta devata - karakamsa stu

Post by Crystalpages » 04 Jan 2016

Roughly 1/7th of world population constitutes hindus, of which many are not even practising their religion (rituals etc). Is there no hope for the 6/7th in the religious framework of traditional jyotish? Jyotish does seem to apply quite well in other matters, globally, regardless of ones religious faith, cultural background etc...

Just curious!

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Re: dharma devata as opposed to ishta devata - karakamsa stu

Post by ashy » 27 Mar 2016

They say that if there is a malefic sitting in the 9th from karakamsa lagna then the native will not have respect for his gurus (teachers). I don't know if this prediction applies but if it holds true then giving respect to all the gurus that have assisted you in life becomes an act of dharma by itself.

In my chart, Saturn (atmakaraka) is sitting in the 9th from karakamsa so I have a malefic sitting in the 9th as well.


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