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Upcoming Webinar

"Birth Time Rectification Simplified:

Using Divisional Charts and Jaimini Methods"

August 1 & 2, 9am-1pm PDT

Join us for an 8 hr webinar class series where you'll learn everything you need to be successful at finding the exact time of birth. In the process you'll learn how to see life events not only in the natal chart but across many divisional charts. In addition, we'll learn how to utilize Jaimini methods in cases where we need to decide between two or more ascendants.  This will enhance your predictive skill and bring you to new levels of precision in Jyotish.


What you'll learn:

  • A step by step method to find the exact birth time, starting with identifying the broad ballpark time range and gradually narrowing it to within a precise one or two minutes. 
  • The specific  parameters that apply to each divisional chart, so that you'll know where to look and what to analyze, and therefore can explain why certain events happened using logical Jyotish principles, for instance House, House Lord, and Karaka.
  • How to use Jaimini methods for helping to decide between two or more ascendants.
  • How to collect and organize all the data you need, and lay it out so that it's accessible, thereby shortening the time it takes to complete the entire process. 
  • You'll learn through example chart after example chart so that you will have no doubt that these methods actually work.

Choose Your Webinar Package Below:

Webinar: Birth Time Rectification


What You'll Get:

  • 8 hrs of Instruction over two days August 1 & 2 
  • Access to Webinar Replays
  • PDF copy of  the book "Birth Time Rectification Simplified" 

Webinar Bundle: Birth Time Rectification + 4 week Tutorial Class Facebook Group


What You'll Get:

  • Everything from the first webinar
  • 8 hrs of tutorial classes - 2 hrs per week for 4 weeks
  • Access to Tutorial Replays
  • Access to Private Facebook Group Community 

Tutorial Classes Schedule:
9am PDT Saturdays 
Aug 8, 15, 22, 29


Upgrade to join the Tutorial Class Facebook Group? Add $50: 

Buy Now

Purchase Parashara's Light 9 software program used in the webinar, and receive a free "how to" tutorial video.  Add $299:  

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Melanie S.

Accurate, heartfelt and a wonderful experience. Vaughn's readings are more than a reading. They gave me an insight to my souls journey, and brought ideas, notions and inspiration to the forefront of my consciousness. The information and the way he delivers it helped me understand certain patterns, sequences of events and my overall purpose more deeply. He is very professional, clear and operates with love and compassion for his fellow human beings. I highly recommend this empowering work.

Arjun D.

It is rare to meet a person who embraces the solid experience blended with a practice full of wisdom, sensibility and desire to help. Jyotish is a sacred art and science and Vaughn acts as a guardian offering readings full of care and devotion.

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Chelsea B.

My readings with Vaughn Paul Manley are so insightful and accurate. His predictions have always manifested within the time frame he gives. I still review and listen to my readings from years ago and still get messages that relate. Not only do I receive deep valuable readings I also get support in life choices and decisions. I am extremely grateful to have found him and would highly recommend anyone looking for an astrology reading to book with him!

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