The Miracle of Love and Venus

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By Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A. 

Our Vedic astrology chart reveals our karma as expressed through the planets. When a planet is strong by sign placement, house placement, house rulership, and aspects then it suggests someone who has developed positive or sattvic qualities of that planet. For instance, if Venus is placed in it’s own sign of Libra, in the 5th house, a benefic house, and is aspected by a benefic planet like Jupiter then Venus’s positive qualities like love and compassion would be well developed.

Recently I gave a reading to a woman who had a chart like this, with a strong Venus. Her profession is organizing weddings as well as officiating weddings as a minister. Sounds like someone with a strong Venus? However, toward the end of the reading she shared a horrific story of an event that happened to her about twenty years ago that had an amazing, if not miraculous ending.

She was walking down a quiet country road when a car suddenly raced toward her and almost ran her over. A disheveled man pulled over, grabbed her, threw her in the car and drove off. This could have already been anyone’s worst fear, but it got worse, before it got better. He forcibly raped her and somehow in the middle of the nightmarish ordeal she looked up at him and put a hand on his cheek with a profound look of compassion. He was stunned by her response and immediately broke down and started sobbing. He said, “I can’t live like this anymore. You’ve got to turn me into the police right now.” And she did. They drove straight to the police station and the man eventually went to prison, but he was a changed person. He told her that he was acting just like his father and he couldn’t stand it anymore. One look of compassion turned his life around.

She, of course, was still traumatized by the event nonetheless, but the event was a great reminder in the power of love to help us out of dangerous situations. Below is her natal chart and her navamsa chart.

Natal Chart

Navamsha Chart

In her natal chart Venus is in the 5th house in its own sign of Libra, a harmonious and non-combative sign. Libra is opposite Aries, the most combative sign, and therefore balances the aggressive qualities of Aries in the zodiac. Mars and Jupiter join Venus in Libra, with Mars being hemmed in on either side by Jupiter and Venus, the two great benefics. This is a combination of a ‘spiritual warrior’ or someone who has the ability to fight with wisdom and love, represented by Jupiter and Venus respectively. Notice how Venus is again in its own sign in the navamsa chart reinforcing the benefic qualities of Venus.

You’ll notice that she has what is called a Kala Sarpa Yoga, (literally the serpant of time) which is a combination where all the planets fall between both Rahu and Ketu, the head and tail of the serpent mythologically. This yoga rarely is as intense as some jyotish texts would have you believe but it can indicate that the person will experience intense upheavals in their lives especially in Rahu periods. I know she’d agree that this event qualifies! since she really thought she was going to die!!

This event happened in her Ju-Ju-Ra period while Rahu was transiting over natal Rahu in her 12th house, and Saturn and Mars were both transiting in Libra over her natal Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.


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